Love Tony with Kwik Dry Carpet Cleaning! Great company!


Tony at Kwik Dry is a real professional. The service is a "dry" cleaning. They don't use harsh chemicals, the solvent is made from orange peels. Think simple green for your carpet. I've used a conventional wet clean service before and it leaves the carpets wet for hours and hours. With two kids its kind of a pain to schedule around. The Kwik dry method is totally dry in under 2 hours. There was no lingering "musty" odor and I felt like the carpets were totally clean. Will definitely be a repeat customer.


Excellent service. Fast turn-around time. Quality repair as excellent as Dyson itself. I'm lost with my Dysons. I've had several, and currently enjoy the Animal Ball 2 and a V6. Couldn't get through the day without them. Kwik Dry keeps them in top shape. Perfect for a farm house with three long-haired dogs and me in and out 24/7. Although I vacuum two or three times a day, I'm not what some people call vacuum happy; I simply like a clean floor. Dyson and Kwik Dry help me achieve that.